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    Shock Saver article in 'Dirt Late Model Magazine'


    Cars win races using the Shock Saver!

    George LaBarbera Gets First Late Model win on Ken Asel RV Center Night at Stateline Speedway.
    - May 20th 2006. Stateline Speedway

    Photo supplied courtesy of SDC Associates, Inc., track photographer, Bill Galford.

    Racers...does this picture look familiar?

    Stop premature wear with the shock protector!

    The One & Only "Shock Protector" protects the shocks that you spend hard earned race dollars on to make them last longer. These Shock Savers are light weight - not only do they protect your shock but also stabilize your spring assembly so that you get the true rating of the spring. This product is race tested and is a proven money saver!

    A racing shock is very similar to a street car shock. A street car shock has a smooth body and the spring is mounted elsewhere on the vehicle. A racing shock is a threaded body shock and is constructed of aluminum. The coil spring on a racing application has the shock up through the center of it, not mounted elsewhere as on the street vehicle. Therefore, the problem has been in racing conditions that the coil spring rubs on the aluminum body damaging the shock to the point that it leaks the oil/gas out of the shock. At this time the shock is useless. These shocks cost anywhere from $175.00 to $800.00 each depending on the brand and quality of the shock. Race cars have a shock on all four corners of the car, as does the street car.

    Our Shock Saver is a plastic/nylon sleeve that goes over the threaded body shock and inside of the coil spring preventing the coil spring from rubbing on the shock body, therefore, preventing any damage to the costly shocks. Testing was done at our local racetrack and outlying tracks by local racers. The feedback was very positive and the product defiantly did its job.

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