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Shock Saver / Shock Protector

The Shock Protector / Shock Saver measures 2.25" and works with all 2.5" I.D. springs. Unit should just cover shock body and may need to be cut to specific length. Now you can avoid premature wearing and you can custom fit it to the length of your particular shock!

Our Shock Protector / Shock Saver was conceived by George Labarbera - a veteran racer who understands the need for innovations in the racing industry. Tried and tested, the Shock Protector has proven to save the unnecessary wear and tear of your expensive shocks.

The assembly of the plastic Shock Protector / Shock Saver is very easy! Simply slide the Shock Saver over the aluminum threaded body of the shock to promote the life of your shock. Now there is a way to prevent the metal-to-metal contact wear that normally occurs on any non-protected surface.

With the Shock Protector / Shock Saver in place, the spring assembly now stays aligned and stabilized so that you get the true rating of the spring! The unit should just cover shock body and may need to be cut to specific length. Yes, that’s right… They are customizable; simply cut to a proper length and your ready to go.


Lets face it, shocks are exposed to brutal forces that are constantly acting on them and they are an expense that everyone has to endure. Now we have a way to help control that expense and you can protect your shocks today! The Shock Saver is available online through Allstar Performance or at your local speed shop.

Price: $ 22.95

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